Carpet Cleaning

Not only do we specialize in cleaning tile & grout, but we also clean carpets.  It is not necessary to hire multiple companies for your floor cleaning needs.  Give TADA Hydro Cleaning a call today!! When you call us for a service estimate, we will give you a complete estimate that includes all options that are available based upon your cleaning needs.  You will notice that our process of carpet cleaning is not just "wetting" your carpets.  Rest assured that by the time we leave, your carpets will be clean.  Just look at the pictures below to see some of the amazing results of our carpet cleaning service.

Our Process

  • Inspection

We inspect your carpet before cleaning to identify where heavy traffic lanes or stains need extra attention.

  • Vaccuum

We thoroughly vacuum all areas before we begin cleaning the carpet.

  • Prespray

We use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to break up the soil that is trapped in the carpet fibers. 

  • Extraction

We use hot water extraction to remove the soil from your carpets. At the same time, we also apply a fiber rinse that helps to prevent soil and stains from reappearing shortly after being cleaned. 

  • Drying

Once the carpet is cleaned, we place air movers in the rooms to assist in drying the carpet.

  • Grooming

Our final step is to groom the carpet.  This allows a nice uniform look to the carpet after the cleaning process is complete.

  • Added Services

Our carpet cleaning added services include:

  Applying a carpet protector

  Identifying, cleaning, and deodorizing pet stains

  Deodorizing carpet

  Thermal fogging rooms or whole house