Tile & Grout Cleaning is our Specialty

TADA Hydro Cleaning specializes in cleaning tile & grout floors and walls.  Wherever you have tile & grout in your home, school, or business, we have the tools to clean it.  So why do we say that we specialize in tile & grout?  In order to clean tile & grout properly, you must have the right tools with the right amount of PSI (pounds per square inch).  Many carpet cleaners have equipment that does an excellent job in cleaning carpet but it is not powerful enough to clean tile & grout.  Our equipment is made for cleaning tile & grout, plus we received our training directly from the manufacturer.  The results are amazing, just look at the pictures below.

Our Process

  • Inspection

We inspect the floor before cleaning to determine what type of tile it is (ceramic, porcelain, or natural stone) and to find out if there is any sealant or wax on the floor.

  • Prespray

We use a simple non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning solution to agitate the dirt that’s ingrained into the floor. 

  • Extraction

We use our patented floor or wall tools that allow us to clean your tile & grout at a pre-selected pressure that precludes any damage.  At the same time as the water is being applied, it is also being extracted, leaving your surface almost completely dry. 

  • Added Service

As an added service, once the floor is completely dry, we can seal the grout with a clear or color sealant (we have 48 colors to choose from).